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Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) Program

The Licensee is responsible for all costs of insurance. In order for the Hall Association to reserve the Premises for the Licensee, the Licensee shall provide to the Hall Association a Certificate of Insurance, in a form and with such insurer(s) as is acceptable to the Hall Association, certifying that the following coverages and minimum limits will be in effect during the Event Time.

1. General Liability Insurance: Limit of at least $1 million per occurrence, including not limited to claims for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage.

2. Worker’s Compensation Insurance: In compliance with all statutory requirements.

3. Business Auto Liability (if applicable and required by Hall Association): At least $1 million combined single limit.

4. Liquor License: If alcoholic beverages are served, liquor liability coverage with a limit of at least $1 million.

890 Church Street
Mountain View, CA 94041-1901

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